The University of Arizona

University of Arizona

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineeering.

Expected Graduation Date: 05/25.

GPA: 3.93.

Relevant Coursework

Courses Completed Grade Received
SFWE 101: Intro to Software Engineering A
ECE 175: Computer Programming for Engineering Applications I A
ECE 275: Computer Programming for Engineering Applications II A
ECE 274A: Digital Logic A
ISTA 431: Data Warehousing in the Cloud A
ECE 207: Elements of Electrical Engineering A
SIE 277: Object-Oriented Modeling and Design A
MATH 243: Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science A
Current Courses Expected Grade
ECE 369A: Fundamentals of Computer Organization A
SFWE 301: Software Requirements Analysis A
SIE 305: Intro to Engineering Stats and Probability A
Douglas High School

Douglas High School

Top 5% of Class.

Graduation Date: 05/21.

GPA: 3.98.